Anne Lise v/d Broeklanden THS

Anne Lise van de Broeklanden stam 049 Batje stam

Our acquisition since December 2016, a beautiful Frisian mare by Loadewyk x Abe x Djurre x Ritske born in 2008 from the mare line 049 de Batje Stam better known as the Age line.

From this direct dam line also comes the Frisian stallion Karst 362

The approved stallions also come from this line: Gerke 220, Bijnse 241, Lammert 260, Frans 289, Gaije 295, Melle 311 Fabe 346, Jurjen303, Anders451, Ildert355, Karst362 and Tije401 and so on.

Below you will find the pedigree of this mare.

If you wish to view the entire tribe, click here to download this document Merriestam 049

Anne Lise has so far (2016) brought three offspring including: