Breeding objective

Our breeding goal is devided in 2 parts, the breeding of a good dressage horse as well as a good showjumping horse.

We use a number of strains for this, for dressage we have used the well-known Zelma strain until the year 2019, the Worona I strain until the year 2020 and the most famous strain in the Netherlands, the Lottie-Zottie strain to date. For the showjumping horses we use one of our own bred mares from the breeding family 157 from which both National and International many famous sport horses, but also GGK/licensed stallions are walking around.

Our goal is always to breed a more luxurious model horse with an even more active hind leg use and a free shoulder movement so that the horse can have the right balance in every stroke, but most importantly a very good character.
Our bred horses are suitable for both the recreational user and the Pro.

We can always advise you, if you have a horse bred by us or bought a foal that has been bred by us about the character of the line in question works.

We also look at the character and ability of the stallions to be used for horses that are spring-bred. These character traits are well anchored in our damline which can fall back on a real Groninger basis.
We think it is important that a horse wants to work for you with a lot of courage in his or her blood.
Our horses bred for jumping have at least a jumping index of 130 and higher and a blood lining percentage of 40% and higher.
If you look at our breeding mare Diquisen you can see how much sport comes from this line.

In short, you are also looking for a well-moving foal with a proven good foundation and character.
Please feel free to ask for our horses if we have anything for sale for you at the moment.

If you are going to breed with one of our mares in the future, we would like to hear about the further progress and keep in touch.