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Dallas VDL foal expected in 2022

Dallas VDL x Cantos x Dutchboy x Courville We are very curious about the 2nd foal from the mare Diquisen which we can expect mid March 16, 2022


Milo Morrensio THS

The year 2020 has brought us a beautiful black colt by the stallion Milford VDL x Riant x Gribaldi x Balzflug. We have now used this stallion Milford VDL for 2 years in a...

Osan Leandro THS

Also 2019 only brought us one stallion foal: Osan Leandro THS with the pedigree Milford VDL x Chagall x Florestan I x Cocktail. This foal has also been sold to VDL Stud and DWH...

Zo What Furore

Today we received some pictures of the gelding Zo What Furore. Epilot x Dutchboy x Courville born out of our mare Kymida. Kymida (Dutchboy x Courville x Balthazar) was the basis of our showjumping...

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