Osan Leandro THS

Also 2019 only brought us one stallion foal: Osan Leandro THS with the pedigree Milford VDL x Chagall x Florestan I x Cocktail.

This foal has also been sold to VDL Stud and DWH Stables and we are very proud of that.

A super large, bloody and beautifully moving foal born of our mare Holly THS.

Holly THS has a genetic breeding value of around 168 and with this this stallion foal is a promise for the future and certainly again a foal from THS which is worth mentioning for the KWPN 2022 stallion approval

From this dam line also comes the ggk stallion Sans Felice 7 (Westphalian Studbook) and the Olymiade horse San D’OR Grand Prix International, which was ridden until the year 2018 by Megan Lane (Olympiad rider Canada) and is now sold to Switzerland and ridden will be by Marcela Krinke-Susmelj and also the ggk stallion Gaudi (OLDB).

This dam line goes straight back to the mares Zottie and Lottie, which have been invaluable for Dutch breeding.

As breeders of this beautiful stallion we not only see top blood in the pedigree, but also top breeders in a row such as: President Stables x Piet Crum (Verdades) x Philip Wagelaar and so on….

The following approved/licensed stallions come from this breeding family:

Arlando – KWPN, Irco Polo – KWPN, Rancouver – NRPS, Soulman – AES, Gaudy – CSHA, AWR, Ferrari – SWB, Vito de Vries – Westfalen, Gaudi – Oldenburg, Gummaraes VDL – AES, Dominicus W – AES, Winchester – Westfalen, Sir Sisco – Mecklenburg, Wiarpo – Mecklenburg, ST Nazaire C – AES, Amadeus – KWPN, WINSTON WESTF, VELVET WESTF, MONACO ZfdP, ZOTIRCO AES

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